Exciting news!

Funding for renovation costs is expected to be included on the 2011 Bond Referendum. TJ's renovation is scheduled to begin in 2012 and hopefully will be completed during 2015. The facility is expected to increase in square footage by over 40%. In addition, the TJ Partnership Fund has started a capital campaign to ensure that the new facility has the infrastructure and equipment needed to keep our future students on their toes!

Planning funds for the TJ renovation were approved on the 2007 Bond Referendum. The planning process began during the summer of 2009, when Ballou Justice Upton (BJU) Architects took their first site walk on the TJ property. Since that date, numerous meetings and informational sessions have been held with both the architects and FCPS Design and Construction through the concept phase.

One of the key architectural and engineering challenges has been to "figure out how TJ could be updated into a state-of-the-art 21st century campus while at the same time preserving its unique culture of community and entrepreneurship."

After receiving comments from teachers, administrators, students and parents via workshops, personal interviews, focus groups and community surveys, the architects have revised the designs several times over the course of this phase.

You can explore the new design by doing a virtual walkthrough.

To better understand these plans, see the current map with the first and second floors of the school.

The final design has four primary features: (1) a science and technology presence near the front of the school; (2) intentional learning spaces for students outside of classrooms; (3) classroom layouts to support interdisciplinary learning; and (4) a footprint large enough to eliminate the need for trailers. The revised plans also include a library at the center of the second floor, and two courtyards that can be used for learning and leisure. Last but certainly not least, plans are underway for the "greening" of the school.

If you would like to contribute your comments or thoughts, please email

Denise Bunting
, the Building Renovation PTSA Parent Representative.