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TJ Drama is dedicated to the advancement of the dramatic arts at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology.  Our team of creative directors offers these programs:

Curricular Theatre Classes

Theatre Arts 1, 2, 3 & 4

Students in these classes explore many phases of theatre arts through acting, viewing, improvising, reading, and writing with an emphasis on developing self-expression and self-confidence through performance. A variety of performances will include pantomime, improvisation, monologues, short scenes, and one-act plays.

Theatre Tech

Students in this course will develop their skills in the design and production of the technical theatre.  Students will learn through experience in lighting, sound, costume, and set design, and technical direction.

Shakespeare Troupe


Extra-Curricular Theatre Productions

There are three mainstage shows each year with afterschool rehearsals.  Auditions are open to all students.  These are opportunities for actors and techs.



TJ Drama Program Director - Vincent Pollet (VPPollet@fcps.edu)



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