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This would be the ShadowThunder graphics page. Most of the images here were not made by ShadowThunder, but were neat, little graphics or wallpapers that were discovered through web-crawling. We will state where they are from, if neccassary. Once again, there is no problem with anyone using images found here elsewhere as long as you provide a link next to the image. Most files will be of the .png extension for the capability of the beautiful transparency effect. For the most part, the graphics will be catagorized into a few sections: icons, wallpapers, and images to name a few. Who knows? We might even throw in a few screenshots of memorable games! Only time will tell.

Graphics Page is Up

Posted December 19, 2006 at 6:14 am

As some of you could have realized, the graphics page is up, but majorly lacking content. Stay tuned for the great images, big and small.

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