Just another day at my school...
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The other day, I was writing my English essay. Halfway through, I realized I was typing "int" instead of "in".
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Thursday afternoon, I walked into the computer lab. The first thing I heard? "Build MORE PYLONS" MLITJ
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Today I got my math test back. It lowered my quarter grade. My test grade? 100% MLITJ
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Today was the first day ever that I've eaten lunch in the cafeteria. Today was a Saturday.
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I can never sleep in the morning on my hour long bus ride to school. Why? Kids are always yelling/discussing physics, super theoretical wars, and the meaning of life-and how it can be described by compsci. MLITJ. (unfortunately T.T)
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Today I got my math test back. It dropped my grade for the quarter. My test grade? 100%
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Today I ate lunch, but it wasn't in the cafeteria. MLITJ
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Today I made MLITJ navigate better, added an RSS feed (, added "best" links, and made the SAT word of the day automatically update. Next up? Comments. Wish me luck. MLITJ
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On a whiteboard, Ms.Bailey wrote 'orchestra festival, 3/20 (SAT)'. My friend freaked out, thinking the orchestra festival was on the same day as the SAT. MLITJ
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Today, I saw a car with a license plate starting with the letters "ADP." I got excited. MLITJ.
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