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Elise Favia
Iphone Application for Musicians
Alex Barghi
Interactive Traffic Simulation
Jocelyn Huang
Sentiment Analysis of Book Reviews
Jayanth Devanathan
Muscle Imaging for Prosthetic Control
Christine Tsou
Note Scribbler
Betty Huang
Automated Book Requesting
Akshith Doddi
An Algorithm for Eye Detection In Images
Alice Yuen
Speech Recognizing Calculator
David Soukup
Bridge Hand Monitor and Recorder
Betty Huang
Automated Book Requesting
Michael Kramer
Ashwin Ganapathiraju
Complex World Generation
Sidharth Verma
Asteroid Identification through Image Stacking
Andy Sin: Hallway Optimization
Hallway Optimization
David Zhao
Android Application that Generates Nonograms from a Picture
Owen Hoffman
Latin Certamen Practice Suite
Philip Yu
Matt Levonian
Automated Chess Game Recorder
Ola Zytek
Plant Recognition
Frank Huang
Song Learning Using Cortical Learning Algorithms
Luke Kuprenas
High Resolution Virtual Tour Maker and Viewer
Alex Aulabaugh
News Events and Movie Trends Analysis
Jason Huang
Microsimulation of Traffic on I-66
Jimmy Wei
Robotic Balancing Platform
Daniel Fontenot
Mashup Crowdsourcing
Nikhil Gupta
Interactive Data Visualization
Rena Liu
Mapping Surface Currents to Model the Path of Algae Colo
Tushar Govil
Handwritten Mathematical Analysis
Robert Young
Engineering Xylanase
Everi Osofsky
Personalizing Computer Authentication
Steven Bunting
Video Compresion with a Tailored Optical Response
Akhil Gangu
Development of an Automated Facial Detection System
Nathan Williams
Modernizing Membership Management
Ryan Jian
Monte Carlo Tree Search Heuristics in Computer Go
Jonathan Colen
A Voice Recognition-Based Desktop Manager
Mira Holford
Passive Non-Invasive Breathing and Heart Monitor
Ricardo Tucker
FIRST Robotics Competition Programming
Nathaniel Kai Eubanks
Augmented Reality Project
Cameron Ewell
Practical Quantum Programming
Brian Welch
Using Scale Free Networks to Find the Best Coaches
Asa Kaplan
Using Touch Stimuli for the Visually Impaired
Amy Kim
Reasoning Behind Financial Decisions
James Forcier
Muthu Chidambaram
Opinion Engine
Daniel Sainati
Keyboard Proximity and Context Sensitive Spell Checking
Kate Hao
Music Transcription Progarm
Aditya Chaudhry
Optimizing Simple Moving Average Corssovers In Stock Price
James Day
Java to C++ Transcompiler
Adithya Venkatesan
Finger Tracking for Virtual Typing
Victoria Xia
Offline Handwriting Recognition
John Aulabaugh
Musicians On Call App
Jesse Judish
Using Machine Vision and Robotics to Solve a Physical Puzzle
Hari Sridhar
Modelling Power Failure Detection and Rerouting in Smart Gri
Tyler Shepherd
Web Application of Sugarscape Modeling
Biqiao Yin
Chemical Reaction Modeling
Andy Sin
Hallway Optimization
Arno Chang
Iris Locating and Side Scrolling
Nathan Dass
Modeling Data Sets with 3D Audio

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