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This site is in the beginning stages of construction, so please bear with me as I write the tutorials I want to put up here. It is hard to design a site that fits together nicely and is easy to edit! In the meantime, please visit what's here so far...

ALERT-- If you were actually interested in true academic content, please check out Alfie Parthum's Supercomputing Wonderland! You will not be disappointed, for indeed it is an apt title. Also, it turns out I didn't go totally braindead during junior year, so I think I'll add a quick SPIM quick reference for my use and maybe even your use someday.
For somewhat less academic content, you might be wanting the Hylian 64 font, the most accurate TTF font of the N64 Zelda glyphs currently available. I might fix the wrong characters, but chances are you want this font anyway.
And now, back to you regularly scheduled random stuff I put here!

But what is the big idea about this, anyway? Good question. I just want to use a clear way of explaining my skills to people so that they can have them, too. Specifically, in the general realm of game development, especially fan-game development (although I hope it might help with, like, a school project or a Computer Science question). If you want to help ME (GASP!) write tutorials (or ask for a clarification, because as much as I want to deny it I am not perfect), do NOT hesitate to email me: do you see the URL up there? My username is the directory name (minus the tilde), and then you type the ol' "@" symbol, and the server is the host this site is on... (That would be Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, the best (and only) high school I've been to). In other words, if you don't get it, you won't get it.

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