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This site is in the beginning stages of construction, so please bear with me as I write the stuff that I need to put up here. It is hard to design a site that fits together nicely and is easy to edit! In the meantime, please visit what's here so far...

Which isn't much, mind you. Oh, and I took this class sophomore year. I'm not a sophomore anymore. Woo yay.

Project Date Added Last Updated Description Screenie!
tally February 2, 2004 Never A basic introduction to C and C++ for the uninitiated in our class. Ho-hum stuff. So I went overboard and made the best of the situation... THIS is how you should release stuff! No screenshot available.
alg77 February 23, 2004 Never A basic introduction to FORTRAN for fun and extra credit. If you loved algorithms.c from tally, you'll love algorithms.f! No screenshot available.
benching February 25, 2004 March 10, 2004 Various benchmarking things.... Screenshots available
lmpi March 21, 2004 May 28, 2004 "lmpi" is just my little programming thing for "learn MPI", so don't go around saying I'm being rather presumptuous that the library name hasn't been taken :P Screenshots available.
openmp March 24, 2004 Never Introduction to OpenMP (it's in FORTRAN) No screenshot available.
trajectory June 16, 2004 June 17, 2004 The infamous TJ trajectory programs! Screenshots available.
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