Year 2000 Trip to the Smokies

Roan Mountain     –     R. calendulaceum

Date: 6/19/00
  1. Compact Yellow – Round Bald Compact yellow. Better bloom this year.
  2. Molten Lava – bright frilled gold
  3. Engine Gap orange – Nice orange clone
  4. Jane Bald Gap Yellow – Nice light yellow. Large Flowers

Gregory Bald     –     Hybrid Swarm

Date: 6/20/00
  1. Big Yellow – Best yellow, beside Christmas Red
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  2. Little Yellow – Later blooming, in newer clearing behind
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  3. Small Yellow with Pink Tinges and Pink Buds
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  4. Early Gold – Nearly Finished, on right side near edge of bald
  5. Bright gold – Behind Christmas red, nice old gold color
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  6. Gregory Blush – Large white with gold blotch and blush pink
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)     Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  7. Rattlesnake White – Fragrant white with yellow blotch and pink blush
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  8. Bad Foliage White – Nice white with yellow blotch. Ugly foliage, spotted and pale green. Cut Back
  9. Gregory White – Very fragrant, Aromatic white with yellow blotch near Gregory Blush
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  10. Christmas Red – Best Red, opposite marker at top of bald
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  11. Another Nice Red – On back side nearer to Candy Stripe
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  12. Gregory Fuchsia – Best Glossy Leaves and Large Flower
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  13. Purplish Fuchsia – Near Forge creek entry. Purplish color in ARS 1st article
    Plant (18K)     Plant (50K)
  14. Salmon Tangerine – Near Gregory Blush- Glowing color
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  15. Kalaedescope -– Starry flower, mixed pink and gold. Near entry, but behind first left hand mass.
  16. Neon Lights – Center, South side, brilliant mix of orange and gold with Pink
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  17. Neon Peach – Similar to Neon Lights, but paler color
  18. Hannah Trail Coral – Bright Coral near entry from Hannah Trail
    Plant (18K)     Plant (50K)
  19. Pink by the Path – Center feature of bald along path
    Plant (18K)     Plant (50K)
  20. Fasty Pink – Upright Pink
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  21. Sandra’s Pink Star – Near Gregory Blush, rooted first by Sandra McDonald
    Plant (18K)     Plant (50K)     Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)
  22. Regenerating Pink – Nice large Flower near Fuchsia clones. Cut back, but regenerating
    Flower (18K)     Flower (50K)

Cheroholla Parkway     –    R. cumberlandanse

Date: 6/21/00
  1. Robber Red – Best red. Plant was probably stolen on 6/20/00 because we found one broken branch
  2. Jim’s Leftovers – Nice Orange red. Close to Robber Red, but was not stolen yet

Hooper Bald     -–     R. calendulaceum

Date: 6/21/00
  1. Chameleon – Bicolor yellow changing to orange. Flowers near the ground.
  2. Hooper Copper – Nice large flowers, 3” across or so. Color is golden-orange
  3. Apricot Pink Smoothie – Pinkish calendulaceum with smooth stems
  4. Tall Blueberry Red – Tall dark red, near end of bloom sequence but overgrown by vaccinium
  5. Hooper Glow #1 – Smaller plant in foreground. Bright orange with gold flare and long stamens.
  6. Hooper Glow #2 – Robust bloom, bright orange with gold flare and long stamens. Better foliage
  7. Pumpkin Orange – Near entryway. Large pumpkin colored flowers.
  8. Big Valencia – Tall brilliant orange with large flowers. Behind Apricot Smoothie
  9. Hooper Trail Gold – Tall plant over trail. Had gall. George took Jim’s picture under it last year
  10. Come Hither Orange Red – Large Flowered orange red, George said to come see this one.
  11. Hooper Bank Gold – Second Gold that was on bank. Had to climb to get near to plant.