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Welcome to the CS Lab

CS Lab Logo The Computer Systems Lab supports studies in applied computational science, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, and supercomputing. Working in a UNIX environment with full Internet access, students are able to investigate a broad range of research topics which emphasize high performance computing and graphics visualization techniques.

The advanced computer science electives taught in the lab give students a strong base of technical skills which will open valuable opportunities in senior research classes, in college courses, and in potential careers. The following information and links will provide a more detailed look at our programs and the support position we handle for the rest of the school. We would like to welcome you to the

What Goes on in the CS Lab?

Mandelbrot Spiral Here is a little bit about the CS Lab, and its relationship to the rest of the school.

What Courses are Taught in the CS Lab?

Newton's Method Fractal This year, the teachers in the Computer Systems Lab will have 12 semester sections of Advanced Computer Science beyond AP Computer Science, and 5 sections of Senior Independent Research. Links below will tell you a bit more about those courses.

How Can We Help You?

Both the Intranet and the Internet can be marvelous educational tools, and we want to help interested students and faculty members learn about the new technologies.

Some of the things you might like to learn are:

Thanks for Coming!

We are doing lots of exciting things in the CS Lab, and we'd like to share them with you. After you you learn about these leading edge skills, maybe you can get one of those high tech jobs and make some real money. Quite a few of our alumni are already multi-millionaires, so learn some high tech skills so you too can become one of the wealthy TJ grads from the CS Lab! Good Luck!

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