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Lab i
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The bifurcation diagram is the result of the ploting of the equation f(x)=k*(x)(1-x). This is iterated with the result of the function being the x value in the next interation of the equation. The diagram is ploting of the result of the equation each of the 50 times it is iterate. The intial x value is preset and the k value ranges from 1 to 4. The resulting graph is the bifurcation diagram.

code for labi
Lab ii
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The three dimensional program uses animation with the idle key as well as solid figures, in addtion, lighting is added to the figures to give the full 3d effect. The program is just a couple of figure rotated and translated on top of each other.

code for lab ii
Lab iii
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The Mandelbrot set is the plotting of the iterated equation of f(Zn) Zn= a+bi, where a is a real number and bi is an imaginary number. The plot is plotted on a complex plane, where the x-axis are the reals and the y-axis are the imaginary numbers. Upon each iteration, a(n+1)= an^2-bn^2+a0, and b(n+1)= 2anbn+b0. This process can be altered to produce the Julia set, in which a0 and b0 are points chosen from the Mandelbrot set, the location of point produces different images.

code for lab iii
Physics Lab
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The physics lab is the simulation of a particle traveling in a earth environment affected by gravity, projection angle, and initial velocity. It is a form of projectile motion. The distiction is that at the higher level the pyhsics lab will include other forces, such as a repelling force that will act on the particle as it travels through the enviornment. The output of the project comes in two forms the first is a projectile simulation where the ball and target as well as gravitational forces are represented in forms of ball and force beams (as shown in the example). The second form is the force angle map, where all the possible angles and speeds are plotted, and each hit depending on how far away it lands from the target is assigned a color.

code for Physics
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The Parallel Virtual Machine divides a large task into smaller parts to be run on several different machines to increase the speed and operation of the algoritham. The operation run was a Mandlebrot set of the previous lab. Please see above for more info.

The Master code for The Master The Slave
Prov-ray Lab
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Prov-Ray is a light ray tracing program similar to Open GL reviewed earlier in the year. The main difference between the two is that prov-ray is more sufisticated enabling more objects and enviornments to be programmed more easily thus, it is much better and allows for better handling and fancier stuff.

code for Prov-ray

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