Making a First Web Page
A Brief Tutorial

by Donald Hyatt

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log on the computer

  2. Create a directory called: web-docs

          mkdir web-docs

  3. Change to that working directory

          cd web-docs

  4. Make a directory for your course (Supercomputer Applications)

          mkdir supercomp

  5. Change to that working directory

          cd supercomp

  6. Use vi or some other editor to create the default file for that directory called: index.html

          vi index.html

  7. Here is a very simple example html file:
       <HTML>                              Start of HTML document
       <BODY>                              Start of text body
       <H1> My Name  </H1>                 Header (LARGE FONT)
       This is my personal web page.       Normal Text
       </BODY>                             End of body
       </HTML>                             End of document

  8. Save the file and quit vi

  9. Start netscape

          netscape &

  10. Load your personal web page by typing in the URL where "~user" is your account name, such as "~dhyatt" or "~rlatimer".

          (The default web page is set up to be "index.html" on our systems)

  11. To add a link from the index page to another web page such as this tutorial called webpagetutor.html, insert the following code to the body of the index.html file:
       This is the            
       <A HREF="webpagetutor.html">
       web page tutorial.  
    This assumes that the file called "webpagetutor.html" is in the same directory as the other file. However, links can be made to any file on the Internet by just giving the full address:

    See the actual web page:   index.html

I hope this will help you create your first web page. Check out some of the other information we have online if you want to make better web pages: