A Program for Manipulating
Graphics Images:     xv

How to Save a Screen Image Using xv

  1. Run the program xv in the "background" by typing the command:

    xv &

    When a program runs in the background, the window will be freed up to do other things.

  2. Next, run a program that will display some graphical output to a different window on the screen.

  3. Bring up the xv Control Panel by pressing the right mouse button while over the primary xv display window.

  4. From the control panel, select the option Grab from the choice of menu options with the left mouse button.

  5. From the xv-grab window, select Grab again and quickly move the cursor over the desired window. Then press the left mouse button. Soon the grabbed image will be displayed on the screen through xv.

  6. In order to SAVE the image as a graphic file, select the option Save from the xv control panel. A new window titled xv save will appear.

  7. From the xv save panel, select an appropriate format, such as GIF or JPEG. Then enter a filename with the correct extender (.gif or .jpg). For small graphics with few colors, GIF is a good choice. For photographs or graphics with many colors and lots of detail, JPEG will be better.

How to Print and Do Other Cool Things with xv

  1. If you wish to PRINT the image instead, select Print from the xv control panel. A new window titled xv prompt will appear asking for several options. For our laser printer, select Grayscale and do not change the printer name (lpr). There will be a secondary window showing size and orientation under a Save Postscript File heading. After reviewing options, press OK, and the image will be printed.

  2. Other handy things that xv can do is adjust Image Size from an option in the the xv control panel, or access the Color Editor found in the Windows menu. There are also options in the Algorithms menu for blurring, sharpening, or rotating the image, or using the left mouse button to mark off a region that can then be cropped, deleted, or copied.

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