Parallel Algorithm Configurations

by D.W. Hyatt

Three Different Algorithm Approaches in PVM

There are a number of possible algorithm configurations that one could use when designing a PVM program. We will present three such configurations here: 1) Master - Slave Approach, 2) Relay Approach (or Loop ), and 3) Tree Approach. Take a look at the following example programs and how the different algorithms are used.

Multiple Processes on the Linux Cluster

The Linux Cluster uses a different programming approach. Instead of manually deciding how each independent machine will handle a separate program, the general approach is that a single program makes multiple copies of iteself with often different parameters by "forking" processes on the main node of the cluster. The operating system then distributes those programs to the various nodes of the cluster and each node completes what it was supposed to do.

The following two pages give examples of programs on the Cluster:

A Simple Cluster Program
Working with The Linux Cluster: POV-Ray Animation