Heh... this site is apparently back, after being down for some time due to misconfiguration by those crazy sysadmins, despite the fact that I graduated over five nine years ago. I think the only particularly interesting things on here are Life in Postscript, which got slashdotted a while ago, and arguably my techlab project on distributed storage, about which I've gotten a couple e-mails. I suppose my tutorial on how to use the old OpenMosix cluster might also be interesting to somebody...

Aside from that, this is a pretty generic personal site, and will most likely continue to not change for the forseeable future.

— an older, and hopefully wiser, edanaher than the one that made this site (10/15/09)

Welcome to the new, improved, nicer looking (well, it will be, now that it's PHP and CSS-ifiend), site!

And now that I'm actually doing stuff, here's a link to my Cutthroat List. (If you're not in my Hum class, it's an evil plot to make us learn vocabulary. And it does work).

I'm also now working on a "slightly more advanced" list of things to know about the Systems Lab.

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