June 2015 TJHSST Renovation Photos

Courtyard: Creating the mini ampitheater

1st floor look to the right: art and driver’s education classrooms (near old geosystems rooms) – should be ready Fall 2015

Courtyard, look to the left: See the creation of the center of the building (downstairs will be two hallways with classrooms and upstairs will the library with one hallway).  The quadrilateral prism projecting into the courtyards will be a workroom and an internet café downstairs.

1st floor: Art gallery close to Audlob to display 3D projects

2nd floor: Commons outside of student services and across College and Career Center.  This will be about the same size as the Audlob.

Inside the dome looking out: Ready to install TJ logo in center

Inside the dome looking up

1st floor after entering through dome: stairwell that overlooks courtyard (see first three pictures) and commons area