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Topics in Globalization

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A.P. Government



Handouts for Topics
Federalist 10
Federalist 51
Federalism and the Culture wars
Challenge to state gun laws
Schedule and

H/W Assignments 

Schedule and Projects

Model Supreme Court
Third Quarter schedule

Ch. 16 Q's

Fourth Quarter Schedule (post-AP)
Ch. 4 Q's
AP Government Syllabus

Ch. 5 Q's

That's all the questions! There ain't no more.

Topics in Globalization Syllabus 

United Nations
The World Bank Group
Concord Coalition -Taxes,  Debt, Social security
Commanding Heights
National Budget Simulation
Economic Policy Institute
K St Project and Abramoff
International Monetary Fund
A World Connected
Cong. Budget Office: Budget and Economic Outlook
Debating the Electoral College 11/9
Google Search
Tom Friedman
L.A. Times
Piracy in China
Global Exchange
Anti-Tom Friedman
N.Y. Times
Long term impact of National Debt

Greg Palast
Washington Post
 Political Compass
U.S. Legislative Branch- Thomas
Budget and tax info
National Debt counter
Political Typology
Seven Revolutions
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Pres. Campaign T.V. Ads
Budget simulator
Evaluating Web Pages

Civic Literacy Test
TJ Survey
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