3D Animation Using
Inverse Kinematics
in 3Ds Max

Ralph Otto -- Pd. 1

For my project, I animated characters and objects using inverse kinematics. Inverse kinematics (IK), also called bones or joints, is used to manipulate models and simulate movement. IK is used in CG movies for simpler animation and in games for dynamic on-the-fly animation. I learned how to use and researched 3D Max, character animation, and bone animation. The end product is a short movie featuring one animated character using different animation techniques and bone structure animation. For the majority of the project I used 3D Studio Max 5.1 for the modeling with Photoshop 6.0 for materials.

1st Semester: experimentation, design, and learning how to use the program

guy boomcube
An early render of a model I'm working on in 3D Max. I'm currently trying to make it animate with bones. An exploding box I made in 3D Max from a tutorial. There's no flame but I hope to add that later.
Combustion tutorial
tigershark paintball gun tigershark perspective tigershark perspectivecutaway
Brass Eagle Tigershark paintball gun modeled in Inventor 5.3. I've been working on it in spare time but I don't think I want to take it any further.
Not at all pretty or very useful but the first step toward animating a complex model The beginnings of a mushroom house (to be used in final movie)
An ugly beginning to an awesome movie (tree stump Mushroom
An untextured ant soldier (to be used in the final movie)

2nd Semester: the project

Updated ant model + gun to be used for final movieGhostie model to be used for final movie
Updated mushroom house to be used for final movieUpdated tree stump (probably not to be used in the final movie)
Quick and dirty camera rotation of sceneAnimation of the camera flying through a row of trees -- may or may not be used

Final project

Preliminary sketches of ghostie character

Final ghostie character

Preliminary sketches of ant characterFinal ant character

Final animation

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