Nathan Watson

TJHSST Class of 2008
attended September 2004 - June 2006

Welcome to the TJ webpage of Nathan Watson (nwatson). There's not much to be found here, save for a brief summary of things I've been involved in at TJ, and how to contact me these days.


Freshman Year (2004-2005) Sophomore Year (2005-2006)
1 Spanish 2
2 Introduction to Computer Science
3 Health/Physical Education
4 Geometry
5 (IBET) English 9
6 (IBET) Biology 1
7 (IBET) Principles of Technology
1 AP Computer Science
2 Chemistry 1
3 Algebra 2/Trig
4 Health/Physical Education/Driver's Education
5 (HUM I) English 10
6 (HUM I) World History/Geography 2
7 Spanish 3

8th Period

I was a regular member of the Amateur Radio Club. I assumed the duty of club webmaster during freshman year, and also vice president during my sophomore year. My FCC Amateur Radio callsign is KI4OBR N1TCP.

During sophomore year, I was involved in the planning of the 2007 NCSSSMST Conference, to be held at TJ. I regularly attended planning meetings, and acted as the planning team webmaster.

When I wasn't attending a club meeting, I was likely found in the Computer Systems Lab working on something; see below for more on that.

Computer Systems Lab

I was often doing something or other for the Computer Systems Lab, better known as the syslab. Some of the lab-related things I did:


On occasion, I worked with sound equipment, most notably for two of the Viennese Balls held in the cafeteria biannually. This included assisting in setup and takedown, and running the mixer during the performances. Viennese Balls involve live miking of a small string orchestra and jazz band in a noisy environment with relatively bad acoustics.


You can reach me these days at, and you can also take a look around my current website at If you'd like to contact me by some other means, just email and ask for that information.