Welcome to the Oceanography/Geophysical Systems senior research and technology lab. The Oceanography/Geophysical Systems Lab explores the biology, chemistry, geology and physics of our last frontier. Students are encouraged to develop original projects based on their interest and background that will add to the diffusion of knowledge in the scientific community. Their research may be an outgrowth of work in another elective or it may be altogether new. Students use a variety of tools such as biotechnology, remote sensing, computer modeling, or chemical analysis to pursue exciting new areas of research like bioluminescence, neurobiology, evolution, population studies, genetics, meteorology, biogeography or physical oceanography. This program advocates discovery-based science and collaboration between disciplines and working professionals.




"Using a research grade microscope and archives specimens from the Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center, I was able to study fluctuating asymmetry in a minute crustacean called Acartia Lilljeborgii. My experience in the Oceanography Lab taught me the research skills necessary to merit publication in the scientific literature of the Biological Society of Washington." -Hilary Gustave, Student

Lisa Wu, Director, TJHSST Oceanography Lab -- Lisa.Wu@fcps.edu