Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2004 - 2005


This course covers basic to intermediate knowledge on fundamental theoretical and computational concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence is the science domain concerned with the theory and
practice of developing systems that exhibit characteristics we associate
with intelligence in human behavior such as reasoning, planning and problem solving,
learning and adaptation, natural language processing, and perception. This course
presents the basic principles and the major methods of Artificial Intelligence,
preparing the students to build complex systems incorporating capabilities for
intelligent processing of information. Covered topics include: heuristic search and
game playing, knowledge representation and reasoning, problem solving and planning,
learning and knowledge acquisition, expert systems and intelligent agents.
Python and Common Lisp are used as the languages for implementation.


The student's grade is based on performance on programming projects,
class participation, tests/quizzes, and homework. Bonus points can be awarded for
extra work on assignments. The TJHSST honor code is followed - no unauthorized copying
of material. The grading scale is that approved by Fairfax County Public Schools:

         A 94% - 100%          C 74% - 79%
         B+ 90% - 93%          D+ 70% - 73%
         B  84% - 89%          D 64% - 69%
         C+ 80% - 83%          F Below 64%

Grades are computed on a point basis with possible points varying with respect
to assignment difficulty. Students who develop innovative enhancements to the basic
assignments may receive additional bonus credit. At the end of each grading
period, the total number of points earned is divided by the total possible points. The
resulting percentage yields the letter grade for the term. At the end of the semester,
the final mark is computed using an average based on the two quarter grades and the
semester exam.


Any work missed during an excused absence should be made up, and the responsibility
rests with the student. Work that is missed during an unexcused absence may be made up,
but no credit can be given for that work. This is in accordance with FCPS policy.
Three unexcused absences during a grading period result in an F for that term.

Extra Help

Arrangements can be made for additional help from Mr. Latimer and Mr. Torbert.