Research Examples for Student Projects, 2004-2005

  1. Advanced Scientific Computing Reports:
    - Plasma simulation code on supercomputers at DOE's National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Berkeley Lab.,
    - Federal Plan for High-End Computing
    - Grand Challenges: Science, Engineering, and Societal Advances Requiring Networking and Information Technology Research
    - Science-Based Case for Large-Scale Simulation,
    - Network Provisioning and Protocols for DOE Large-Science Applications.
    - Theory and Modeling in Nanoscience
    - Genomes to Life: Biological Solutions for Energy Challenges.
    - High-Performance Networks for High-Impact Science.
    - Getting Up to Speed - The Future of Supercomputing

  2. Planetary and Space Physics
  3. Numerical methods Cal Tech
  4. Papers from Evolutionary Computation Lab, GMU
  5. Computational methods, Materials Science
  6. RSS, Internet information gathering
  7. KDUAL
  8. Baseball, Basketball, Statistics
  9. RSS, XML
  10. Machine Learning, Tic-Tac-Toe
  11. Othello, AI heuristics
  12. Datamining and Machine Learning
  13. Decision Trees, Machine Learning
  14. Evacuation scenarios + computer modeling
  15. Atmospheric Modeling, computer modeling
  16. Traffic Modeling + computers
  17. IPv6