TSP Applet using ACO algorithms, Ryan Ward (Java 1.6)

Press Start to begin and Stop to end. This applet shows the dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem. The objective is to find the shortest tour visiting all the nodes. Since the set of nodes is changing over time, it is necessary to reset pheromone information after a change such that good information is kept while harmful information is reset. The Distance-Based Method performs well when changes to the problem are small and frequent, while the Reset Method performs well when the changes are large and infrequent. For dynamic problems, a color of blue indicates the node(s) is being added, and a color of red means the node(s) is being removed. Initially 50 nodes are randomly distributed.



75 nodes

100 nodes
Severity 3
Frequency 10

100 nodes
Severity 10
Frequency 25

Ryan Ward