Roan Highlands in Bloom

by Don Hyatt

At Long Last...

After many years of missing the bloom at Roan Highlands, I finally saw the mountaintop in full bloom on June 26, 2001. These are just a few images I took of the purple Catawba Rhododendrons (R. catawbiense) and the beautiful yellow and orange Flame Azaleas (R. calendulaceum) that day.

I parked my car at Carvers Gap expecting to take a short hike for about an hour, but stayed out there for six hours instead, hiking past Engine Gap and Jane Bald all the way to Grassy Ridge. The weather was beautiful, the flowers were in peak condition, and the views were magnificent. It was perfection.

Calendulaceum at Engine Gap and Jane Bald

Calendulaceum on the Ridge

Orange Calendulaceum and the View

Mixed Calendulaceum

Yellow Calendulacem Flowers

Golden Yellow Calendulacem

Orange-Red Calendulaceum Flowers

Orange Calendulaceum Flowers

Calendulaceum and the Valley Below

Catawbiense at Grassy Ridge

Rhododendron Catawbiense at Grassy Ridge Point

Views to the Valley Below

Catawbiense Plant and Fir Trees

Grassy Ridge Point, Elevation 6180 ft.

The Grand Vista

Catawbiense Blooms

Copyright © 2001 Donald W. Hyatt

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