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It is with great sadness that I leave TJHSST but since my position was not renewed, I will not be returning in the fall semester 2002. I will miss the school and especially the wonderful students I taught and the alumni who would drop by to say "hello". I wish the best to the new person who will be replacing me.

Both Phyllis Rittman and I are leaving this year. We were very proud of the Computer Systems Lab at TJ and the thousands of fine young men and women who came through our lab for 17 years and it is our hope that some of the courses, materials, and traditions that we helped establish will continue to serve the needs of future students at this fine institution.

I have been given permission to temporarily leave some of my materials here until I can relocate to my future home on the Internet. My new web address will be:

Here was my former existence:

Courses I taught

Things of Personal Interest

Garden Photo
My Central Garden Page     Come visit my Garden at the home that my late parents built in 1951. I landscaped the property and have maintained this garden for over 40 years. I have lots of educational links to environmental and botanical interests there.
Azalea Painting
When I have time, I enjoy painting watercolor illustrations, especially of botanical subjects. Please visit my Watercolor Galleries of Botanical Illustrations:
Don Hyatt in T-Shirt
Let me tell you about the Don Hyatt Diet and exercise program. I started losing weight in 1988 by changing my lifestyle, and I've managed to keep those 60 pounds off all this time.
Autumn Field
Would you like to see the farm I bought in the mountains of Virginia? It was a bargain in 1971 at $300 per acre, though I wouldn't sell it today for any price. When I retire, I plan to open a nursery business there, or maybe just enjoy the scenery.
My Dog
Here is the true story about my dog Lucy, an abused animal who has had a very difficult life. Be kind to animals.
Tree Damage to House
Take a look at the trees that wrecked my house during the Blizard of '93.
ThinkQuest Logo
In the CS Lab, we really appreciate ThinkQuest. I've coached a lot of teams in the past three years. Here are the ThinkQuest projects of my students that have made it to the International Finals of this awesome competition, and the scholarship money that each student on the team received:
From The Ground Up: A Guide to C + +     Special Award for Outstanding Technical Merit ($20,000)
The Online POV-Ray Tutorial     First Prize, Interdisciplinary ($15,000)
The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy     First Prize, Social Science ($15,000)
You Are What You Eat: A Guide to Good Nutrition     First Prize, Sports and Health ($15,000)
Baseball: The Game and Beyond     Fourth Prize, Sports and Health ($6,000)
Chess Dominion     Second Prize, Interdisciplinary ($12,000)
The Soundry     Grand Prize - Best in Contest and Java Award, Math and Science ($27,500)
Totally Tessellated     First Prize, Arts and Literature ($15,000)
Driving Under the Influence     Third Prize and Java Award,Sports and Health ($11,000)
Energy Matters     Fifth Prize, Math and Science ($3,000)
AeroNet     Platinum Award, Math and Science ($15,000)
The Asian Century: Paths to Power     Gold Award, Social Studies ($10,000)
Computer Ethics     Silver Award, Social Studies ($5,000)
Sleep - From A to Zzz     Silver Award, Sports and Health ($5,000)

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