East Coast Native Azaleas

Middle Atlantic Chapter ARS
Species Study Group

The Species Study Group of the Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society has been focusing on the east coast native azaleas for several years. Most of the graphic images displayed here are from the slide program presented by the organizer of the group, George K. McLellan, as given at the East Coast Regional Conference of the ARS in November 1999. They have been reproduced by permission and assembled into a web page by Donald W. Hyatt.

This site attempts to show the diversity in plant and flower forms of the 15 azalea species that are native to the Eastern United States. We hope that you will appreciate the beauty and diversity of these beautiful plants, and assist in preserving their habitat. Links are provided to several companion sites including one on Identifying the Native Azaleas.

East Coast Native Azaleas
R. vaseyi
R. canadense
R. canescens
R. austrinum
R. flammeum
R. periclymenoides
R. alabamense
R. atlanticum
R. calendulaceum
R. prinophyllum
R. viscosum
R. arborescens
R. cumberlandense
R. prunifolium
R. eastmanii

West Coast Native Azaleas
R. occidentale

Identifying the Native Azaleas

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