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As the course description will so generously inform you, "Supercomputer Applications is a moderately paced semester class requiring AP Computer Science as a co-requisite or teacher recommendation. In this class, students investigate high performance computing techniques, scientific visualization, and computer graphics while writing C++ programs in a UNIX environment. Familiarity with the the UNIX operating system is stressed as well as the ability to access resources on the Internet. Computationally intensive problems in science and mathematics are investigated, including topics in fractal geometry, chaos, dynamical systems, computer simulation, ray tracing, and 3-D graphics using OpenGL."

On this page, it will be my pleasure to showcase the various projects I design in this class as I develop them.  You'll be able to look at the code and sample the output from all of my programs.  Here's what I've done so far:

Bifurcation Diagram
Mandelbrot and Julia Sets
Projectile Motion
Parallel Virtual Machine

Well, that's about it.  Please be sure to pass on any comments you have about this web page, my projects, or life in general!

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