Supercomputer Applications
UNIT #3 - Parallel Computing

PVM - Parallel Virtual Machine

PVM is a parallel processing environment that allows a number of different networked computers communicate with one another, and work on a common task as defined by the programmer. The following pages will help you get started with PVM using the systems in our CS Lab.

Unix Things of Interest

The following materials might be useful in this unit.

Assignments - UNIT #3

The following pages describe the assignments for UNIT #3. Review them carefully, and when you have satisfied all the objectives create a web page and turn in your computer code with the appropriate cover sheet.

Extra Credit

You are encouraged to go beyond the basic requirements to investigate advanced features of PVM we may not have covered in class. Extra credit is freely given for innovative approaches or advanced studies related to the units covered in this class, so challenge yourself and amaze your friends, but expect rewards from the teacher too! Projects that combine PVM with graphics displays that might support your project for "Imagining the Future" are highly encouraged.