Reliable Rhododendrons for the Middle Atlantic Region

by Donald W. Hyatt


Rhododendrons are some of the most elegant of all garden plants. They have been standard landscape plants in cool moist climates, such as the British Isles or our Pacific Northwest. However, many varieties have been difficult to grow in the eastern United States due to our hot dry summers and fluctuating winter temperatures. Some older varieties, such as A. Bedord, seem quite happy here, but gardeners never know how well a west coast plant will do in our more difficult climate until we try it and see.

A. Bedford A. Bedford and Azaleas
A. Bedford
A. Bedford with Azaleas

Those of us in the American Rhododendron Society (ARS) who live in the Middle Atlantic region of the United States have found that some of our best plants are those which were developed on the east coast. These "local folks" seem well adapted to conditions here. Although azaleas are true rhododendrons and many were hybridized in the east, this web page will focus on the larger leaf rhododendrons. As the current President of the Potomac Valley Chapter of the ARS, I would like to share with you some of the rhododendron hybrids and species which grow well for me.

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Reliable Rhododendrons for the Middle Atlantic Region

  1. Introduction
  2. The Dexter Rhododendrons
  3. The Gable Rhododendrons
  4. Recent East Coast Rhododendron Hybrids
  5. Species Rhododendrons
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