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Many rhododendron species collected in the wild from other parts of the world can be difficult to grow in the eastern US. However, the following plants from China and Japan do quite well for us. The flowers are elegant in their own right, but many rhododendron species become the most prized foliage plants in a collector's garden.
R. fortunei R. metternichii Yaku Angel
R. fortunei
A Chinese species with
lavender to white flowers
R. metternichii
My most favorite plant!
A Japanese species with
PERFECT foliage
R. yakushimanum
variety "Yaku Angel"
An outstanding semi-dwarf
from Mt. Yakushima in Japan

R. makinoi

R. makinoi
"Margaret White"

This plant is an outstanding selection of the Japanese rhododendron species, R. makinoi that was raised by Jack Ayres of Oakton, VA, and named in honor of Margaret White. Margaret has been one of the leading rhododendron experts in the Washington D.C. region for many years and she has transferred her lovely 13 acre garden to Fairfax County for use as a Horticultural Center in Northern Virginia.

R. makinoi

Some Other Excellent Species

Reliable Rhododendrons for the Middle Atlantic Region

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