Supercomputer Applications
UNIT #3   -   3D Graphing in OpenGL

Simple 3D Concepts

In OpenGL graphics, it is possible to draw objects in 3D, including things such as lighting and animation. The following programs will help in learning some of these concepts.

Image Processing and Creating Your Own 3D Surface

In the second part of this project, we will be taking a graphic image, process the pixel data in that file to create a new image, and then use that image to help create a surface built of triangle strips that are lit properly and perhaps even colored.

Assignments - UNIT #3

The following pages describe the assignments in UNIT #3. Review them carefully, and when you have satisfied all the objectives, and have completed a final web page presenting this unit, fill out the Self Evaluation form and submit your final project for grading.

Extra Credit and Approval from your Peers

You are encouraged to go beyond the basic requirements to investigate advanced features of OpenGL Graphics or topics related to dynamical systems and chaos that we may not have time to cover in class. Extra credit is freely given for innovative approaches or advanced studies related to the units covered in this class, so challenge yourself and amaze your friends, but expect rewards from the teacher too!