Supercomputer Applications
UNIT #2   -   3D Graphing in OpenGL

Simple 3D Concepts

In OpenGL graphics, it is possible to draw objects in 3D, including things such as lighting and animation. The following programs will help in learning some of these concepts. We will be trying to focus the actual graphic that you do to support your project for "Imagining the Future".

Image Processing and Creating Your Own 3D Surface

For some projects, it might be advantageous to utilize a graphic image possibly as a surface in order to investigate maxima or minima more easily. By studying the following three examples, you should be able to alter the pixel data for a graphic image to create a new picture, and then use that new image to help create a surface built of triangle strips that are lit properly and colored appropriately.

Sone Thoughts for Imaginig the Future

The following links will be of help in working on your Imagining the Future Projects;