Supercomputer Applications
UNIT #4 - Iteration, Bifurcation, and Chaos


In this unit, each student will develop interactive program in OpenGL that experiments with one of the algorithms related to chaos and dynamical systems. We want great diversity in this unit, so every student is expected to select something different from the other students in their Imagining the Future group. Students will be graded on creativity, imagination, and appropriate use of OpenGL concepts learned in this unit. Detailed objectives are listed from a link at the bottom of this page.

Chaos and Fractal Resources

The following reference materials will be helpful in understanding some of the chaos and fractal algorithms that students may decide to investigate. Select one of your choice, but preferably an algorithm that you have not tried before.

Fractals and Graphics Program Examples

Program Requirements for UNIT #4

The following page describes the assignments for UNIT #4. Review them carefully, and when you have satisfied all the objectives, and have completed a final web page presenting this unit, submit your code and cover sheet to the teacher.